Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY friendship Bracelet

Hi everyone :))
Yesterday morning i maked new bracelets :)) it's not too much hard      

So i decided to make a tutorial to show you how to make them 

Start by catting two 50cm cords , two 35cm cords for the bases and a 15cm cord

The two sets of middle strands are now the adjustable ties of the bracelet. Adjust to fit the wrist and tie each end into knots. Trim away any excess.
Your bracelets are finished :))
hope you like this tutorial 
Nice day everyone :)

5 Beautiful words:

Beautiful bracelet :D i think i will try it soon :D
looks amazing my dear,well done :D ♥

and thanks for sharing :)
j'adore aufete c'est comme un scoubidou mais avec de la laine , j'adore :D
wow beautiful bracelet!
love it!
It looks great! thanks for sharing as I really love them and going to do soome of them :D

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