Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My evening ...

Hello everyone :)) the pic are from my evening :) 
you can see the book that i'm reading those days ; it's " Blood Runs Cold " ( Alex Barclay ) 
also my lovely coffee and oreo <3
Good night for all of you :)) 

7 Beautiful words:

love the photos, so beautiful! and you seemed to have a beautiful evening!
Lovely photos! :) The Oreos look yummy and it's always nice to be able to get lost in a good book.
What is the book all about? nice photo
btw, im thinking if you could follow me too, thru GFC. :))
if it is just okay with you :)

~xx Lalaine
Thanks for all of you :))

Lalaine : the book is about :
When an FBI agent is found dead on the white slopes of Quandary Peak in Colorado, a brilliant but volatile agent is drafted in from Denver to lead the investigation. As she fights personal demons, pressure from Washington and dwindling leads, the case stalls and a career falters.
But as summer comes, Quandary Peak has disturbing new secrets to give up. And as one agent fights failure and hopelessness, another has left behind a trail that leads to a man with a dark past and even darker intentions..
( but i didn't complete it yet )
those oreos look delicious!
J'adore tes photos et je trouve que c'est tres original de faire un blog ! Bonne continuation cousine <3 :* !
merci bcp yasmine :))

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