Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eid Adha Mubarak ..

 Eid adha mubarak to all the muslims !! may allah accept our fast these 9 days and forgive us our past and present and future sins !! Ameeen .. 

لبيك اللهم لبيك ... لبيك لا شريك لك لبيك ... إن الحمد و النعمة لك و الملك .. لا شريك لك .. ♥ 

ربي .. اجعل يوم عرفة .. يوم تمسح ذنوب كل من أخطأ في حقك
إجْعَلْهُ يوم تَتَبَدّلُ فِيهْ الذّنُوبْ إلَـى حَسَنَـآتْ . .
وَ هُمُومُنَـآ إلَـى أفْرآحْ . .
    وَ أَحْلآمُنَـآ إِلَـى وَآقِع يَـآ الله

Monday, October 15, 2012

Rainy monday

It's monday and and the weather is getting colder every day , it has been a rainy weekend
i don't have school today so i've been at home studying
later this evening i'm going to study math and maybe bake some chocolat cookies :))
Have a nice day
Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hello Again ...

Hello everyone :) i really have missed writing here in my blog and my readers , well i was so busy ( school , homeworks .. )  this week but finally it's week-end
 You can see on the photo my little cousin coloring a drawing :)
Later i'll go to help mum with preparing the dinner " Burger " i think it's going to be so deliciouus  !! i'm so hungry .. Than watch T.V and eat Chocolat <3
Wish you all a great week-end ..