Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hello Again ...

Hello everyone :) i really have missed writing here in my blog and my readers , well i was so busy ( school , homeworks .. )  this week but finally it's week-end
 You can see on the photo my little cousin coloring a drawing :)
Later i'll go to help mum with preparing the dinner " Burger " i think it's going to be so deliciouus  !! i'm so hungry .. Than watch T.V and eat Chocolat <3
Wish you all a great week-end ..

5 Beautiful words:

oh school and homework sucks :( have a great weekend!
You know what dear, enjoy these moments! - having homeworks-school-eating mom's cooking-staying at home-watching TV :)

Now i miss my school days so much! T_T Not thinking of working and how to get money.

Since it's still a wonderful weekend, i dedicate this video to u :

Study smart =D
it's weekend!
spend it wisely!
Love the picture <3
Ohh I'm also very tired from homework and school!! :/
thx for all of you ;))

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