Sunday, July 21, 2013


Hi everyone :))   i really like feathers and patterns so i finished this drawing yesterday
i've got the inspiration from dilan dilir's blog ( i really like her drawings ) and now i'm working on a watercolour painting maybe i'll finish it later :)) so hope you like it ..

5 Beautiful words:

This is such a beautiful drawing!! Your very talented. I also read Dilian's blog, her work is stunning! I was actually so inspired by her work that i have started my own blog to show my drawings. I cant wait to see your finished watercolour by the way!

Take care, Anna xx
Yes her paintings are really beautiful and inspiring :) It's been awhile since I last painted with watercolors and maybe I should get with it again,

I like your drawing, it's beautiful :)

It´s really beautiful :D ♥
Beautiful drawing!! I can definitely see that you were inspired by Dilan's art! Very nice blog by the way!

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