Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hakuna Matata :)

Hello everyone :)
Finally i made a new drawing " Hakuna Matata ( i found inspiration from weheartit ) What do you think ?? 
you can see also the chocolat cake that i've made :))
Later i'm going to make something to eat ( something healthy ) and watch TV :) 

7 Beautiful words:

Salam alaikum sister,

Love the hakuna matata typography and your chocolate cake looks incredibly rich and moist mashaAllah your so talented!
Beautiful drawing! :)) Yùmmmy your Chocolate cake looks delicious! :D
your blog rocks :-) amazing pictures :):)

feel free to visit my blog :-)
I love the hand drawn-typography, Very cute ^^
Glad I found this blog site ♥ `(・ ᴗ ・`)

by the way I really love all your photographs!:D
~Have a good day Mouna ^^
Nice typography of HAKUNA MATATA! ;D

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