Saturday, July 7, 2012

Umrah part 1

Hi everyone
COming back :))) from my travel to KSA for Umrah :))
We passed there two wonderful weeks
So here is some pic from the first week in Al Madina al munawara :))
hope you like it :))

10 Beautiful words:

so beautiful! InshAllah I will also go there, someday :)

your photos are really beautiful,by the way! ♥
Umra Mubarak alongwith Ramadan Mubarak.
I love the lovely pictures.
Please visit/follow my blog.
Thank u
and ramadhan mubarak for you too :))
Wooow ! Really beautiful views and thank you for visiting my blog ^.^
Evia x
MashaAllah :) I wish I can go there someday! :D
Beautiful picture...Hopefully one day i will go there InshAllah! :D
loved your pic from Al Medina ,
I would like to say that if you are interested in performing umrah 2013 get cheap umrah packages which can reduce your traveling cost.

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