Monday, April 30, 2012

Anchor and Octopus

Hi everyone :)
I finished my last drawing in few days but i didn't have the time to photograph it
So last saturday we celebrate bac sport in our school and i'll show you some photos :))
Have a nice day everyone :)

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Hi Mouna,
sorry for my late comment. Your Blog is so nice, i will follow you!!! I wish you a good start in springtime!

Lovely hugs
Rena by MW (MissWunderbar)
Hello :))
Than u so much :)
welcome to my blog :)
and wish all good ;) <3<3 :*
Hii !
Thank's for your comment! :)
Your drawing is beautiful,i love it! ;)
Beautiful drawing, love the details and the shading. I wish I had half of your drawing skills :)
Wauw! What a beautiful drawing! :) Thank you so much for your sweet comment! XX Kirsten

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